Priscilla wakes up to find herself transported to a fantasy town, and her traveling companion Reid has gone missing! Join this intrepid Magical Girl as she saves the town from mysterious maladies and rescue Reid!


This is my entry in the "You've Got It Now Use It" Jam by Studio Blue.

There are 3 features required for each entry. Here are where they appear in this game:

  1.  A character named Stephen or Stephanie. You may pick either. The character doesn't have to be a human. (You meet both Stephen and Stephanie after exiting the hotel. It's not the only time you meet them, either!)
  2. A crossroads location that the player visits. The player has to go there. (A crossroads run through the town the game takes place in)
  3. The dialogue line "Where do we go from here?". This must be used exactly as printed. (The characters say this in the ending dialog.)


This is also my entry in the Magical Girl Game Jam #2 by Ran d'Reille.

In addition to featuring a magical girl (complete with transformation sequence), this game has two key features from the list of themes:

  1. [Double] [Dealing] Character: Stephanie & Stephen appear to be normal people. They aren't. Can also be interpreted as "Double Trouble Characters."
  2. [Ten] [Desires]: Actually just 1 desire: rescue Reid!


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good game :) it was really fun to play :)


Awesome, thanks!