Emerald Mountain has been besieged by monsters, and it's up to Elora to defeat them! On her way to her mission, she encounters the demigod Divini, who reveals that the magic Elora possessed in her youth could be brought back with a magical pendant and some elemental spirits.

Fight monsters through 4 locales outside, on top of, and within Emerald Mountain, meet up with your allies, and uncover the mystery of Elora's magic in this boss rush from the Divini series!

  • Turn-based battles
  • Solve puzzles on each map to unlock Elora's Druid power
  • Random bosses are selected each play session
  • 2 endings


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A fun, quick adventure. 

Clean maps, easy and entertaining fights, cool skills and battle animations.

The puzzle element was a nice touch. It was a well executed mechanic, everything worked great, but a little more variety in puzzle type would be nice. 



Relatively short and simple game, didn't expect to have a Sokobon puzzle element in a turn-based rpg game.


Thanks for making a video of my game! Feel free to check out my other games some time!


Can you do a Chapter 2 Of this game?


Chapter 2? 🤔 Sure! 😎 It will probably be a few months before I can get to it (got a huge backlog of stuff to do) but I'll do it! In the mean time, you should check out the other games in this series: https://itch.io/c/1354768/divini-games

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it's worth the wait


We r live!!!!!

Thanks for the video review! I'll use the feedback to improve this game.