• Movement: Arrow keys
  • Confirm: Enter/Space/Z
  • Cancel: Escape/X

Can be changed in the Options menu

Touchscreen or Mouse:

  • Movement: Click and drag anywhere on the screen
  • Confirm: Tap or Left-Click
  • Cancel: 2-Finger Tap or Right-Click

Join Harold as he explores a mysterious dungeon to find a legendary sword. Enemies and puzzles are randomly placed in this Rouge-inspired dungeon crawler.

A game made for HawkZombie's May-Gration Game Jam 2021.


Download 193 MB
Download 272 MB


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Really cool game, I played through a few times just to see what happens.

Cool! I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to be that thorough!

Thanks for playing my game and leaving a review.

It's short but fun! My first run was a disaster, as I choose a puzzle that then sent me to a fork with 2 mini-bosses... I could barely scratch the guy as he destroyed me.

On my second run, I paid much closer attention to the layout and managed to complete the game! Nice work!


Oh cool, thanks for playing the game and giving feedback! I’ll keep your experience in mind when developing future iterations of this concept.