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I have ran into "!Flame.png" error message when I went into the dungeon..I believe it's the lightning dungeon (or southeastern dungeon) after clearing it from monsters...

Ah yes, that old error. Sorry, I forgot to take the original version down! Try playing version 1.1, the error has been fixed in that version.

Ok no problem...thanks for games...I've just got done beating Divini rpg...these are awesome!!!!

Oh cool! Thanks for playing my games! I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

Those games are truly awesome...Thanks for creating them...And I just got done beating Divini 2!! Love the ideas of swtiching partners or changing classes!!! 10/10 stars

You're welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying my games. I'll keep them coming!

The post-jam update is now live! Everything *should* work properly now...if not, let me know! 🙂

Hey gamers! Other players have noted that there is a missing file in this game. In order to fix it, download this game, then copy the "!Flame.png" file from another project to the /img/characters folder. I will post a patched version of the game once the game jam's evaluation period is over.

Note that it is still possible to play through this game without the file; it only affects a map that is part of a side quest, so if you can't add the missing file, just be sure to save often and avoid the affected location if you run into it.

Thanks for playing!

The text by the character in that room doesn't wrap properly. Before you upload the !Flame.png fix, you might wanna try to fix that.

Yeah, that's on the list, too!