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Failed to load: img/pictures/Harold_Scream.png

apart from that (which i guess is interfering with the end game) sweet game


Yeah, I forgot to include that image somehow. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it aside from the bug.

really nice for such a short game but uh... after a few times i found a bug that you can just fight the same boss over and over and still fight the demon king (and learn the skills)

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Yeah, somehow I forgot to turn off the boss after they disappear. Whoops! I’ll be updating the game with that fix (plus another thing or two) after the jam’s judging period is over.

Thanks for playing the game and leaving feedback.

This game is super fun. Making the plot revolve around random battles was unique and really enjoyable. I have only tried the martial artist and might want to try the other 2 classes. The boss fight music was so good but unfortunately, I beat the boss to quickly ._.  A fun short experience that makes me want to get back to it once a while. Over 9000/10

Way cool. I'm glad you enjoyed my game so much. 😃 Thanks for the video review too, it has given me some ideas for how to improve.

Always annoys me how in jrpgs plot and exploration gets in the way of random encounters. Here? Not a problem.

😁 Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Side note: dunno how I missed this comment. Sorry for the late reply.

No worries, time means nothing to me👍

i kind of stumbled on this randomly while killing time but i thought you might be interested to know I was able to finish it in under two minutes (1:45 from character selection confirmation til final boss death) with school!harold. here's an unbelievably low quality video from my laptop of how. it's slightly luck dependent but pretty consistent. i hope this makes you laugh!

Heh, you figured out how to speedrun the game! 😂 Thanks for the video.